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Dropping i686 support

Recently the developers have been discussing the possibility of adding some additional optimizations to our i686 port to improve multimedia support. This would involve reducing the compatibility with older systems. As some of you may have heard ([1], Google translation [2]), this discussion has resulted in the decision to focus exclusively on the x86_64 port. The overall opinion of the developers is that the x86_64 port is now complete enough to justify this decision and that this is in keeping with Arch’s philosophy of supporting current generation hardware. The x86_64 architecture has been available since 2002 (compared to i686 which is from 1995), and we believe most of our i686 users have x86_64 compatible hardware.An official time-line for the deprecation of the i686 port has not been established, but an official announcement needs to be made, as the decision has already been leaked to the ArchLinux-BR community. However, it is likely that major updates (GNOME, KDE, Xorg, etc) will not be built for i686 in the immediate future. Users will still be able to build packages for i686 packages using ABS. As most of the architecture specific patches are for x86_64, this should be relatively pain free.


另外一个是来自python,原文太长这里不贴了,solidot上有一个中文缩减版,大致说的是语言创始人Guido宣布退休,Uncle Barry宣布继任。这位大叔上台宣布如下改变:

  • 不再使用版本控制系统Hg而改用Bzr;
  • python3.0中的!=太恶心,改用<>;
  • print在python3.0中是函数,这个也很恶心,改为2.0中的语句;
  • 事实证明python3.0是失败的作品,所以所有3.X的开发全部终止,改回2.7;
  • C语言已经(或即将)被历史无情的抛弃,所以CPython将会被终止,其他类似JPython,IronPython什么的将不被官方支持;
  • Python Software Foundation的历史使命已经完成,这个组织将被Python Steering Union取代,PSF所有的钱都会给PSU(是这个PSU不是那个PSU)